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LoL Chibis! ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v ♪ 
So this is what I’ve been drawing the past 2 weeks, xD some traditional art that i never do… 19 chibis from LoL ;7;~ Copic markers are so fun! xD 

Click for high res~!  

Follow Your Light ;

The Croods Fan art! ^^ Omg; I went to see this movie with my family and it was absolutely gorgeous and it was beautiful + so many unexpected feelz OTL;; Guy is just so dang attractive The relationship with these two was so precious so I really needed to draw fan art!!! Here’s my contribution xD! 

(Source: fiveonthe.deviantart.com)

Chibis for LycHee! ^^ 
Zed and Vladimir… in a simple chibi style kkkkk 

posting this up just to share~ ^^ more chibis to come… 

Kinkou + le Unmasked Zed! It’s zzzz time ! xD So they’re lazily sleeping after a whole day of training… and Shen loving his tortured Zed plush. 

wip: http://sta.sh/211id2cx6dsc?edit=1

mm WIP, just gonna leave this here :D


Entry for the S3 contest down at League of Legends xD !! There are (I think) 35 champs LOL/ I’ve included the step by step too haha!~
Good luck to everyone! >V< b

(Source: fiveonthe.deviantart.com)

PILTOVER’S FINEST!! ^^ Finally finished~ ! 

Been working on this for the past few days… colouring atm ^^ 

26112012 Drew for my new icon xD Idk, have this trio of osm assassins they are just so flawless QvQb

someday you would be loved