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Aron, Minhyun and Lime @ 2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week

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The piece is titled, “MARVELOUS UNIVERSE: Korean Idols” by artist Jung InSung (정인성).

It’s a 6.36ft x 4.27ft oil on canvas painting that took six months to complete and features over 550 Korean idol stars. Click here to see close-up shots.

Read the interview with the artist.

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… and their amazing adventure together.
encounter the hidden magical world through sooyeon & jinki’s eyes!
from the three men who insist they’re the original marry poppins, the boys who grow wings at midnight,
to the crazy circus and its mysterious ring leader.
will the ‘paradise express’ lead them to their happy ending or is it only a trap set up by the three witches?
and what will happen to the two best friends when the journey is over?

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K-Pop is now an official genre on Youtube (alongside the likes of pop, rock, etc.)

holy shit k-pop making serious strides. this is big!