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i really liked top im doom dada and gd in coup d’etat. they struck me as really dark kings or something lol so i just took a bit of time to draw that. anyone else think so tho?? such good songs too (-:

your face is so beautiful like a sculpture
when i look at you i freeze like a statue

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G-Dragon Elle Korea x TOP Elle Japan

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12 Fantastic Fashion Moments From BIGBANG - Fuse

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GD & TOP’s reactions to Trouble Maker’s kiss at MAMA 2013 (fancam)

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131104 G-Dragon And Seungri Greeted TOP A Happy Birthday!

GD Twitter: Happy Barthday T.O.P

T/N: GD said “bar” instead of “bir”

Seungri Weibo: TOP hyung Happy Birthday.

Credit: @ShrimpLJY@partnervi l Translated by: @HuisuYoon

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For some reason I think that they are so cute saying “GD&TOP-des”.