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  • someone: quit apologizing
  • me: sorry

G-Dragon on assigning song parts to members.

  • GD: Since I'm Big Bang's producer I know the members' traits and the best parts for them in a song. TOP sounds best in the second verse. I think it's good if I do the opening. In the middle, Daesung can build up. Then Youngbae can sing the chorus. Then I can add some weight to the song-
  • MC: Seungri hasn't had a part yet!
  • GD: Personally, I really like Seungri's voice. What's certain is that he doesn't get a lot many parts.
  • MCs: Why?
  • Seungri: Because my voice is weaker than the other members.
  • GD: If I try to even out the parts and there's a lot of Seungri's voice...I'm not sure what the fans would think but...the song gets lighter. It can get a bit lighter. His voice is very thin. It's a sweet voice, and I think that if the heavier voices go in the middle, and if Seungri acts as a support, the song gets better.
  • MC: Rather than spreading out the parts evenly, you use what's best for the situation.
  • GD: Yes.
  • From Big Bang's appearance on 'Go Show' [120420].

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This is precious. Their contagious laughter that became my stress reliever.

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ot5 (⌒▽⌒)☆

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GD&TOP moment | hug

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