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steve tries to leave when sam brings up being frozen, because that’s a sensitive topic (to say the least) for him, and sam knows that he probably shouldn’t have mentioned it, and he doesnt want to come off as someone who thinks of steve as captain america and not steve rogers, so he corrects himself, but not in a blatant way, he connects and empathizes with him, he says hey, you’re a soldier, i’m a soldier, i understand, i don’t want you to talk if you dont want to, but if you do, i’m here for u bro (warrenworthingtonlll)

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  • someone: quit apologizing
  • me: sorry

G-Dragon on assigning song parts to members.

  • GD: Since I'm Big Bang's producer I know the members' traits and the best parts for them in a song. TOP sounds best in the second verse. I think it's good if I do the opening. In the middle, Daesung can build up. Then Youngbae can sing the chorus. Then I can add some weight to the song-
  • MC: Seungri hasn't had a part yet!
  • GD: Personally, I really like Seungri's voice. What's certain is that he doesn't get a lot many parts.
  • MCs: Why?
  • Seungri: Because my voice is weaker than the other members.
  • GD: If I try to even out the parts and there's a lot of Seungri's voice...I'm not sure what the fans would think but...the song gets lighter. It can get a bit lighter. His voice is very thin. It's a sweet voice, and I think that if the heavier voices go in the middle, and if Seungri acts as a support, the song gets better.
  • MC: Rather than spreading out the parts evenly, you use what's best for the situation.
  • GD: Yes.
  • From Big Bang's appearance on 'Go Show' [120420].

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This is precious. Their contagious laughter that became my stress reliever.

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