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I’m with you till the end of the line.

This is literally the worst parallel to ever parallel in the history of parallels, I mean are you fucking kidding me.

it’s awful and the worst, but also it’s brilliant. because it’s not the serum or the spangly getup or even the shield that makes captain america: it’s steve rogers and his unshakeable faith in doing the right thing just because (precisely because) it’s the right thing to do. in ca:tfa, it is not without meaning that bucky’s death is the lynchpin of steve’s ironclad resolve to bring down hydra once and for all. the thing, though, the thing is that his faith is shaken enough that he goes down while bringing hydra to its knees, and he doesn’t make an effort to save himself.

fast-forward seventy or so years, and history repeats itself. i’m not sure steve went into that final battle knowing he’d die, willing to die; but i am sure that when he said, “don’t make me do this,” he wasn’t talking about killing bucky. it was never an option. they were always going to go down together, because what makes captain america is faith, and when steve tells the winter soldier to finish his mission it’s because he has given up.

i mean, if steve letting go of the shield (not dropping or losing; letting go, a calculated conscious gesture of surrender) ain’t symbolic enough, then this parallel should do the job.

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Assassins Creed screenshots =))

 1/5 characters from favorite anime: 
↳ ren koumei

video game challenge — [1/5] friendships

shaun hastings & rebecca crane, assassin’s creed

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Loss does not make a man surrender. It makes him fight. 


Black Flag

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favorite video game characters (◡‿◡✿)

(alistair theirin; dragon age: origins / lara croft; tomb raider / ellie; the last of us / bigby wolf; the wolf among us / connor kenway; assassin’s creed iii / john marston; red dead redemption / lightning; final fantasy xiii / craig boone; fallout: new vegas / thane krios; mass effect / trevor philips; grand theft auto v)

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